MPAC Joins Liberty Coalition to Address Civil & Human Rights

Washington, DC: The Muslim Public Affairs Council has announced its membership in the Liberty Coalition, a group dedicated to coordinating public policy initiatives regarding civil liberties and human rights. The Liberty Coalition includes groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the American Conservative Union (ACU), Common Cause, Political Action, and Amnesty International.
The Liberty Coalition organizes working groups on issues such as a National ID card, Patriot Act Reauthorization and Title 3, Secure Flight, National Security Whistleblowers and Domestic Spying & Surveillance. Recently, the coalition played a leading role in the Patriot Act Reauthorization process in a non-partisan manner.
"We believe that American Muslims can offer a model for fighting extremism of all forms and protecting the rights of every American as well as protecting the integrity of America," said MPAC National Director Ahmed Younis. "Our partnership with the Liberty Coalition demonstrates not only our dedication to achieving that goal, but also our efforts at engaging a diverse political spectrum as we do so."
Through its relationship with the Coalition, MPAC will contribute to the ongoing efforts to examine and express opinions on legislation and other government actions that would, on the one hand, limit the rights of citizens that would, on the other, advance efforts to enhance citizens' rights. For more information on our new partners at the Liberty Coalition, please see


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