Pak-US Trade Will Grow: Bush

• Washington, DC: US President George W Bush has said the US is “trying to negotiate” an investment treaty with Pakistan “with the hopes of being able to eventually develop more trade with Pakistan”.
He said that he believed that trade helps nations develop stability, and that “prosperity is achieved through trade”. In a question-and-answer session following his address to the Cleveland Club, Ohio, Bush said it was “very important” for the US “to stay engaged with Pakistan and encourage them”. “It’s a positive development for America to be a friend of Pakistan, and it’s a positive development for Pakistan for America to be a friend of India. It’s an important accomplishment in order to help keep the peace,” Bush said, referring to his recent visit to Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.
He said he doesn’t view US relations with Pakistan and India as a “zero-sum relationship”. “I view our relationships with both countries as different sets of issues and the need to nurture both relationships to achieve common objectives.”
He said that President Musharraf is a friend of the US. “Musharraf understands that he must help root out Al Qaeda whose members are hiding in parts of Pakistan,” Bush said, adding that Qaeda had tried to kill Musharraf four times.
During his visit to Pakistan, Bush said that he was able to have very good discussions with President Musharraf “about our mutual concerns in the war on terror”. “And it’s important that that dialogue go on,” he added. He said that Musharraf had also assured him privately about “the need for a democracy to advance in Pakistan”.


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