"A Voice from a Nursing Home"
By Noor Khawaja

Glenview, IL. Rafi Munim, a resident of a nursing home in Glenview, Illinois, is making a bold attempt to produce a documentary film as a tribute to his senior mentors from whom he has benefited over a period of ten years in the nursing home. As the narrator of this documentary, he would like to share the lessons learned so that they become an inspiration for others to visit nursing homes. The prime objective behind this documentary is to make a sincere attempt to change the perception of nursing homes to "nurturing homes" … a place where the young could benefit from the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the senior mentors. Once, this documentary is produced it will be shown in libraries throughout the country.
It is earnestly requested that the Pakistani and the other South Asian communities support this endeavor. The production cost of this documentary would come to $25,000. The title of the documentary will be…"A Voice from a Nursing Home."
Rafi Munim has also formed "Mission Green Light", a nonprofit organization to help the uninsured with cancer screening. He started this project five years ago with just two dollars. In spite of such meager resources, the organization was approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity in February 2005. Rafi's commitment to help the uninsured convinced the Illinois Department of Public Health to allow Mission Green Light to promote awareness of their free cancer screening program for the uninsured women in Illinois. Mission Green Light plans to organize cancer screening workshops to train the uninsured women in self-examination techniques, but to actualize this plan a little financial support is needed from the community.
To raise funds, Rafi has recorded an inspirational CD titled "Thoughts & Poetry" This CD is available at www.missiongreenlight.org. The documentary film will also be a production of Mission Green Light to benefit the uninsured for cancer screening.
As members of Pakistani and Indian communities, we should recognize these gallant efforts made by an individual whose life has been a struggle since age eleven. He has come a long way, operating alone with an old computer from a corner of his room in a nursing home. We should support these endeavors with generosity. Donations to Mission Green Light are tax deductible. Please send your checks or money orders to:
Mission Green Light, Inc.
8926 N. Greenwood Ave., #135
Niles, IL 60714
Tel: (847) 657-0715
Email: rafi@missiongreenlight.org



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