SAN Marches in Solidarity on May Day


The march was led by the LA Taxi Workers Alliance

May 1, 2006 was a watershed event in the history of Los Angeles’ movement for economic and social justice, says a SAN announcement. It adds: “Over a million people from all backgrounds joined in calling for an end to workers exploitation and fair and dignified immigration reforms. Different languages projecting the diversity of Los Angeles were unified in calling for full civil and human rights for all.
“The presence of the larger South Asian community continues to be minimal at best. Immigration remains to be seen as a Latino issue in the eyes of many South Asians even those who either directly or their families would be severely affected by any new policy being discussed by Congress. Issues of backlog ranging from 13 to 21 years in certain cases of family based visa petition, the granting of authority to local police to enforce immigration laws, declaring undocumented immigrants felons and those assisting them in time of need, the elimination of lottery visa, extreme restrictions on asylum based adjustment are some of the harsh measures now on the table in Washington. Unless the community raises its voice their issues will remain invisible. Unfortunately, the leadership in the community continues to fail in its responsibility to speak out on issues of critical nature that affect the lives of thousands amongst us. Whether it is out of political and economic interest, such attitudes set us further back in our collective hope for a dignified and respectful life in the United States.
“The March was led by the LOS ANGELES TAXI WORKERS ALLIANCE (LATWA), courageous taxi workers who are standing up to harassment and exploitation. LATWA is a partnership between taxi drivers of Los Angeles and South Asian Network, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles and the Asian Pacific American legal Center. These taxi workers – many of them South Asian – are an example to our community to stand up for their rights.
“This current wave of millions standing up against racism and hate is a vivid reminder of past struggles for civil and human rights in the US. It is time for the South Asians to join this fight.
“For further information please call SAN at 562-403-0488 or”


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