Niswa Spring Function
By Naushad Sarwar

Shamim Ibrahim addresses
the gathering

“We have many things to be thankful for. For the season of spring, the beauty of God’s creation. To be outdoors, the sky, the sun, the flowers, the warmth and the general air of exhilaration,” Ms. Shamim Ibrahim strted at the Niswa Spring Function on April 29, 2006. This year’s function was hosted at Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Wahid’s residence in Pasadena, California.
Niswa is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1990 with the aim to preserve and strengthen Muslim families, protect the rights of Muslim children, aid needy individuals, and promote healthy and happy living. Niswa undertakes multifarious tasks: it provides shelter to domestic violence victims and help to those confronted with immigration problems. It fosters family recruitment, offers financial aid, and helps families in crisis. It also extends legal service referrals.
Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Shamim Ibrahim congratulated the guests, volunteers, donors and the hosts who made their cozy home available for the occasion. She also applauded Mrs. Khatija Kazi, Mrs. Amina Adaya, Mrs. Roman Wahid, Mrs. Sara Ansari, and Mrs. Asra Zaman who previously hosted Niswa’s Member Appreciation Day.
“Tents for earthquake victims in Pakistan, relief for tsunami in Thailand, helping orphanages in Benda Aceh Indonesia and victims of Gujrat riots are some of Niswa’s contributions,” Ms. Shamim Ibrahim revealed.
After the brief address, the guest enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by a scarf fashion show where guest got to see different varieties and styles of scarves especially suited for Muslim women. A jewelry show by Ms. Sana Abbasi also greatly attracted the guests. Ms Abbasi teaches Fashion Design at CSUN.
Besides, Dr. Xu and his colleagues demonstrated their acupuncture skills while Mr. Armand Arnazzi entertained the guests with music.
The event turned out to be highly enjoyable.
Niswa can be contacted by any community member in need of help at 310-534-0022.

Above: Guests at the Niswa function


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