JHU SAIS Summer Urdu Program in Washington DC

Johns Hopkins University is proud to host another summer of Urdu courses in Washington DC, says a university announcement. It states: The Nitze School of Advanced International Studies through the South Asia Studies program is excited to offer this opportunity to professionals and graduate students to study Urdu at their Dupont Circle campus.
Instruction is multi-functional, allowing students to read and write in Urdu exclusively through the Nastaliq Perso-Arabic script. Students are also asked to build their speaking and listening proficiency through exposure to modern Urdu media and group activities. Instructional materials foster a communicative approach to language learning and reflect real-life circumstances. The courses are taught at the university level and are comparable to one semester's equivalent of Urdu.
Urdu is one of the major languages of South Asia and the national language of Pakistan. Urdu is the dominant language of Muslim culture in South Asia and incorporates Persian and Arabic influences as well as sharing many characteristics with Hindi.
Urdu Class timings for Summer 2006
June 3 to August 5
Elementary Urdu Saturday 9:30AM-12:00 PM, Tuesday 5:30PM-8:00 PM
Intermediate Urdu Saturday 12:00PM-2:30 PM, Wednesday 5:30PM-8:00 PM
Seating is limited and closes June 3
To register please refer to the following link:
If you have any questions please email the instructor Rubab Qureshi:



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