NCHD’s Role Important in Attaining Millennium Development Goals


Above: Cherie Booth, wife of the British Prime Minister; Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Chairman, NCHD, and others seen during the British First Lady’s visit to an NCHD school in Pakistan

Mansehra, Pakistan: The programs initiated by the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) are vital for attaining the millennium development goals on a war footing. This was stated by Cherie Booth, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, during her visit to Bassian near Balakot on April 12.
Ms. Cherie, who was accompanied by Dr. Nasim Ashraf, Minister of State & Chairman NCHD along with board members of Pakistan Human Development Fund, visited a transitional school for girls in Bassian. The school established by NCHD in collaboration with UNICEF, built on the concept of “school in a box”, is extremely popular amongst the local community, as it puts no additional burden like purchase of books or stationary on students or parents.
Cherie Booth also visited the Adult Female Literacy Center of NCHD in Bassian and asked various questions from local teachers and students.

Above: Visit of Cherie Booth to an NCHD school

Talking to the media at the NCHD School Bassian, Cherie said that no country in the world could prosper without the proper education of women. She said that women of Pakistan could contribute a great deal to the growth of their families and community.
While distributing certificates amongst the female literacy graduate of the NCHD Literacy Center she highly praised the efforts of the National Commission for Human Development in spreading the light of education amongst people at the grassroots level.
Dr Nasim Ashraf, Chairman NCHD, informed Cherie that 389 female literacy centers have so far been established in Mansehra district from where 9562 students have graduated so far. He said that the NCHD in collaboration with UNICEF has opened 500 transitional schools in the district.
The Chairman NCHD said that volunteers of the National Commission for Human Development played a key role in the rescue operations following the October 8 earthquake.
Cherie evinced keen interest in the NCHD health care program that is focused on reducing infant and maternal mortality ratio and vaccination, growth monitoring, school health program and ORS preparation . Highlighting the enormous success of the ORS program, Dr. Nasim Ashraf said that so far 229825 mothers in Mansehra district have been trained in ORS preparation which had a profound effect in controlling the infant mortality rate in the remote district.
Ms Cherie Blair remarked, “It is a wonderful lesson to their children to see them going to school and learning and there fore, so much better able to help them….This individual as well as collectives endeavor also gives a strong lesson that that there is nothing that a woman cannot do if she is given the chance.” In the background, the village women cheered aloud, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”



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