A Milestone for Kamran A. Beg Events

“Kamran A. Beg Events is deeply honored to announce that the 100th marriage worldwide featuring Muslim professionals took place in Manchester (UK) on May 6, 2006. Manchester as we all know is where Kamran A. Beg Events is headquartered and is where we held our very first event for the Muslim professional community on July 11, 2003, “ says an announcement. It adds:
“Kamran A. Beg Events has thus far witnessed 100 marriages worldwide comprising of 73 in the UK, 3 in Australia, 21 in the USA and 3 in Canada. This groundbreaking landmark, subject to the will of God, demonstrates how well the global family of attendees Kamran A. Beg caters to has discharged themselves, each an exemplary and outstanding ambassador for the global community. I would like to thank the couples that have been generated so far, their families and the global attendee group for fostering the exemplary esprit de corps that has facilitated the crystallization of the 100 marriages that have transpired so far.”



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