PAGB Annual Meeting 2006
By Parwez Wahid

Wayland, Massachusetts: The Pakistan Association of Greater Boston (PAGB) held its annual general body meeting in the gathering hall of the Islamic Center of Boston in Wayland, Massachusetts. The meeting was called to order shortly after Zuhur Prayers. Annual election for the PAGB Board of Directors was held at this meeting coupled with voting on several amendments to the PAGB Constitution.
Dureshahwar Afzaluddin, the President of the PAGB, opened the meeting with the President's Report and recounted the events and activities during the past year. She mentioned the outpouring of help at the time of the October 8 2005 earthquake. Dureshahwar thanked all the Directors for their efforts and also acknowledged members of the community who gave contributions. Former President Siraj Khan also addressed the assembly to offer thanks to Dureshahwar and to comment on the progress of the PAGB and some of the new areas of services the Association has undertaken.
The Election Commission officers were then asked to conduct the elections. The Commission consisted of: Mohsin Khan, Kausar Qidwai and Farrah Abbas. All three members are past officers of the PAGB. The Election Commission read the seven nominations received for the seven Board positions and asked each nominee to give a brief address. The Commission then called for additional nominations from the floor. As no further nominations were submitted the nomination process was closed and the seven nominees were declared elected by acclamation.
The PAGB officers for the 2006-07 term are:
President: Tahir Chaudhry
Vice President: Rubina Khan
Secretary: Maliha Qamar
Treasurer: Yasmin Causer
Membership: Hamid Lari
Public Affairs: Muneeza Nasrullah
Social Affairs: Munazza Sheikh
Rubina Khan has served as Vice President of the PAGB a couple of years ago. Her return serves as a testament that the PAGB Board has some experienced officers. Tahir Chaudhry is a former President of the Islamic Center of Boston. The PAGB now sees its officers spanning two generations as Hamid Lari's father, Ahsan Lari, had served as Treasurer of the PAGB a decade ago.
Following the election proceedings it was announced that sufficient quorum had been established to take up several amendment proposals that the Board of Directors had circulated amongst the membership.
Parwez Wahid and Aijaz Baloch summarized the five amendment proposals and then described the importance of the proposed changes in the PAGB Constitution and By-Laws. Some brief discussion followed to clarify some of the finer details. The proposed amendments would:
1. Increase approved spending limits;
2. Require a financial report be presented at the annual meeting;
3. Require that the Election Commission announcement be included with the general body meeting notification;
4. Require that the text of proposed amendments be included in the general body meeting announcement; and
5. Change the terms of all Director positions to two years in duration.
Under the last proposal the election of the officers would be staggered with 4 officers elected in even numbered years and the other 3 officers elected in odd numbered years. Aijaz Baloch took the vote from the assembly on the five proposed amendments; all five amendments were passed unanimously by the assembly.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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