Call for Papers on Islam and Muslim Politics

The Muslim Public Affairs Journal is seeking articles on Muslim Politics and Geopolitics with regards to the Muslim World and the Muslim Diasporas, says a message. It adds: Please review the table of contents of the first and second issues to get a sense of the kind of articles that correspond to the journal’s mission:
It is preferable that interested authors submit a brief concept of the planned paper in a paragraph or two to the editor before writing and submitting the paper. Nevertheless if you have written an article that you think suits the journal please feel free to submit it directly.
We publish articles between 2000-5000 words [max], we prefer them in the 2500-5000 word range. We also would like you to keep the end notes to the minimum, essentially to substantiate a not so widely known fact or if you are advancing a counter intuitive argument that needs support, or if you are quoting someone directly. We prefer end notes in the Chicago Manual of Style.
The review process is very quick and a small honorarium will be offered for published articles.
Please submit your concepts and papers to:
Dr. Muqtedar Khan
Muslim Public Affairs Journal



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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