Renewable Energy Solar Charged Bright White LED Compact Lantern

Torrance, CA: LEDtronics has introduces the Bright White LED Compact Solar-Powered Lantern, the newest addition to their lineup of solar-powered Light Emitting Diode (LED) products. This compact lantern uses stored sunlight energy to power an LED lamp of 3.4-end-foot-candle intensity providing bright light for up to 25 hours on a fully-charged battery. That is nearly seven times longer than a compact fluorescent lamp!
The bulb-styled LED-cluster lamp has 24 Incandescent-White (4000K) 5mm LEDs that are protected within a polycarbonate lens. The Compact LED Solar-Powered Lantern comes with a built-in handle, solar panel, AC/DC power supply, car power supply adapter, and four rechargeable batteries (4C Type) located within the base of the lantern that features memory-free recharging. A discharge circuit prevents battery damage from excessive recharging.
The Compact LED lantern (battery installed) with the solar panel weighs 2.2 lbs. (0.099Kg). It is 8.125in. (206.375mm) in height. The solar panel measures 4in. x 7.5in. (102mm x 190.5mm). A rugged ABS plastic body makes the lantern resistant to dents, scratches and foul weather. The compact LED lantern is child-safe, ideal for camping and roadside/home emergency kits, hunters, hikers, marine cabin lighting, earthquake emergency kits and a terrific light source for areas where electricity is absent or unreliable.
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