Dr Shazia’s Husband Honored

New York: Four men who had stood their ground to support victimized women in their communities, including Pakistani rape victim Dr Shazia’s husband were honored at a gala ceremony organized by the New York-based women’s rights organization “Equality Now” on May 17.
The event “On the Road to Equality: Honoring Men on the Front Lines” was held at the Symphony Hall where Dr Shazia and her husband Amanulah Khalid were special guests and introduced by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristoff.
Applauding Mr Khalid, Mr Kristoff noted that he had given up his engineering job in Liyba to be with his wife and resisted family pressures to divorce her. He called Ms Shazia a brave woman who fought for justice instead of committing suicide.
The men honored were Kenneth Franzblau (USA), Oscar Maynez (Mexico), Zebene Negash (Ethiopia) and Amnaullah Khalid.


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