AMA-PAC Releases Election Advisory

The American Muslim Alliance-PAC (AMA-PAC) -- a civic education and leadership training organization - has released its much anticipated candidate endorsements for this year’s heated Midterm Election.
AMA members agreed on a measuring tool for their recommendations. The organization adopted a ‘Civil Rights Plus’ agenda, The endorsements connect the American Muslim vote with an overarching set of goals focused in the dubbed ‘Civil Rights Plus Agenda’, which effectively places the restoration of civil liberties as a priority, while also considering other issues such as education, taxes, and social welfare reforms.
Under its affiliated Political Action Committee, the AMA actively leads the endorsement effort within the American Muslim community by educating voters and encouraging them to speak out on their choices. It also adopted a decentralized policy prompting citizens living in specific city, state or congressional districts to choose whom to endorse.
This year, American Muslims may well play a pivotal role in election results, as they did in the 2004 Presidential election where they voted in the nation’s largest proportional bloc vote (93%). A combined vote of American Muslims and coalition partners – including many Latino groups, Progressive Republicans and Democrats, and civil libertarians -- could prove decisive in the election outcome.
Through voting, American Muslims communicate the interests and concerns of the community even as they build alliances with other groups and individuals.
“The bloc vote has proven effective not only for the national (Presidential elections), but also for state and local ones,” stresses AMA Chair, Dr. Agha Saeed. “It is important to remember that bloc votes should be used to create bridges, not islands.”
The endorsement strategy adopted by the AMA-PAC encourages alliances at city and state levels, and can produce more public interest outcomes that eventually affect federal level policies.
AMA second strategy is a cross-party endorsement, which enables Muslims to work with all political parties without leaving the mainstream.
Consequently, candidates across all political ideologies and affiliations were endorsed. Among them: Democratic candidates such as Barbara Lee (Oakland Congressional Candidate) and Republican Sam Aanestad (CA State Senate) –– whose decisive vote helped pass California’s censure against the USA Patriot Act—, Green Candidates such as Todd Chrieten for US Senate. -Report by Hazem Kira
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