A Message from CAIR-LA Executive Director

Ten years ago, a local group of dedicated Muslims established the Southern California chapter of CAIR, with the goals of promoting a better understanding of Islam and defending the civil rights of American Muslims. For five years, tremendous progress was achieved, and CAIR grew by leaps and bounds.
Then, on September 11, 2001, America was shaken by a horrific tragedy that tested our faith and values as a nation. Every American was impacted, especially Muslims, who carried the burden of an unjustifiable blame solely because they are Muslims. In the period following the attacks, there was a sharp rise in hate incidents and backlash against American Muslims. We were subjected to delays in citizenship, improper arrests, no-fly lists, NSA wiretaps, airport profiling, and other such measures. Across the country and here in Southern California, the presence of CAIR ensured a prompt and strong response to negative media coverage, government abuses and a fight for fair treatment of American Muslims.
As a long-term and proactive strategy to the growing tide of anti-Muslim bias and misperceptions about Islam, CAIR undertook a major campaign of education and regular engagement with law enforcement agencies, government officials, media professionals, academics, and every day fellow Americans. CAIR spearheaded educational projects such as the ‘Explore the Qur’an’ project and ‘Explore the Life of Muhammad’ campaign reaching out to tens of thousands of people on a personal level.
But the challenges are still worrisome. Today, our world and country are polarized. There are those, on all sides, who wish to push for a raging war between America and the Muslim world. The destructive wars in Iraq and Lebanon are but a sample of what may follow. American Muslims are well positioned to counter and defeat such plans by promoting a culture of dialogue and cooperation rather than a clash of civilizations.
CAIR has the vision and experience to do what it takes to succeed, Insha-Allah (God willing), but we cannot do it alone. We have always counted on you for our success in the last ten years. But now, more than ever, your support is crucial in guaranteeing the success of this vision. Together, we can ensure America stays true to its values.
On behalf of the CAIR Board of Directors and staff, it is with great honor and pleasure that I invite you and your family to the 10th annual CAIR banquet. The 2006 Annual CAIR banquet will take place on Saturday November 18th, at the Anaheim Hilton. Order your table/tickets today by calling CAIR-LA at 714-776-1847 or online at: www.cair-california.org
I am counting on your support today.
Hussam Ayloush


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