Eid Festivities in Los Angeles and Orange County
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Glimpses of the Eid function organized by Haya and Anila

Haya Farooqi and Anila Ali have been organizing Eid and other fundraising events for the Pakistani-American residents of Los Angeles and Orange County. When COPAA took over the hosting of Eid parties, Haya and Anila had welcomed their initiative and joined hands with them. However, it was Ramadan and COPAA had declared that they weren’t going to have a community get- together for Eid. Who better to fill this void than Haya and Anila.
Thus, the dynamic duo decided to take on a challenge and in less than thirty days organized an Eid gathering to remember. “After all, it was important to have an Eid gathering on a large scale as we had to introduce and welcome our new and charismatic Consul General and our Consul. We needed something that would involve our youth and make them feel catered for,” revealed Haya. Thus they came up with a Pakistani version of the American Idol.

Eid celebrations in Los Angeles and Orange County

The audience was very excited and responsive to the idea and many guests crooned to the best of their ability. The one to take a decisive lead was Yousuf Khan from Irvine. His performance delighted the audience. Another vibrant singer was Rizwan Malik, He sang a song from “Don” and the audience appreciated him. Sara Ali and Amal Farooqui were the youngest of the group but sang, “If We Were a Movie” with exceptional ease. Rehana Motiwala sang a melodious tune to an enraptured audience and Dr.Yasmin delighted the gathering with another song. An upcoming group of talented musicians, featuring high school seniors Shaan Khan, Daniyal Ali and Avinash delighted the audience with their rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes off You.”

Lots of door prizes were given out by Consul General Ibne Abbas, Consul Ahsan Wagan, Mrs.Kurwa, Mr.Hamid Malik, Waqar Ali Khan and Dara Khan of Shahnawaz Restaurant. A vivacious Bhangra group performed and charmed the spectators. In the end, Haya and Anila ran hither and yon, thanking their audience for their support and encouragement. “Providing an exquisite décor, delectable food, and superb entertainment is our way of showering our friends with our love and attention,” say Haya and Anila. Their efforts were duly applauded.


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