Clinton’s Coming to Town
By Tahir Ali

Massachusetts: The sky was cloudy but the day was still bright as the sun was peeking through the clouds whenever it found an opening to shed a ray or two at the heavy traffic west-bound on route 290 toward the Convention Center. Coincidently, former President Bill Clinton was coming to the convention center as well to shed a ray of hope on Deval Patrick to help him win the gubernatorial election on November 7, 2006.
When Farooq Mirza, Parwez Wahid, and I arrived at the convention center there was standing room only. It was in this very convention a few months back when Deval Patrick was endorsed by the state delegates as their front runner.
Mrs. Partick, recalling that jubilant moment, conveyed her thanks once again to the delegates. Apparently disgusted by the negative ads directed toward her husband by Devals opponent, she remarked; "I hope today’s poll [which show Deval leading by more than 25 points over his Republican opponent Kerry Healey] and November 7, will get the message across: We are tired of nasty politics."
Congressman James McGovern called Deval Patrick "a true champion of human rights who fought for restoring civil rights." McGovern, who spearheads Deval Patrick's campaign, told a cheering crowd of more than 8000, "I believe in the man, he will bring a politics of hope, inclusion and respect. He wants to be the governor of Massachusetts not an ambassador to Canada or Mexico."
McGovern, who arranged Bill Clinton’s visit to Worcester spoke highly of the former US president: "When he left the office, our economy was up, America was respected all over the world. I wish Bill Clinton was still in the White House."
Senator Edward Kennedy, referring to the current administration’s tactic of "exploiting people fears", said, "Next week is Halloween and we are tired of scary tactics. We are saying Kerry Healey, you are fired."
Deval Patrick spoke to the crowd, but had to leave early to attend a gubernatorial debate with Kerry Healey scheduled that evening. But before he left he gave a clear message to the crowd: "Now get to work"
Bill Clinton walked in the convention center to a roaring standing ovation. This was his third visit to Worcester. He asked the Massachusetts voters to work hard for Deval Patrick and make it not just a mere victory but a resounding victory. Deval served as the civil rights chief in the US Justice Department during Bill Clinton's presidency.
Praising Senator Kennedy he said, "Ted Kennedy is among the top 10 Senators," and then added, laughingly, "I know what he is thinking: maybe on the top five."
Mr. Clinton criticized the "divisive ideology and special interest politics" adopted by the Republicans in their campaign, which he indicated is losing its effectiveness, then added, "Where I come from you can only run a mangy dog so often before someone notices the mange."
Mr. Clinton’s criticism of the current government and its failures, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan resonated well with the attendees, but he indicated that the Republicans still expect people to vote for them as they say, "The reason you have to vote for us this November is that if you elect the Democrats they will tax you into the poor house, and on the way, you will meet a terrorist on every corner and when you try to run away you will stumble over an illegal immigrant." The crowd burst into laughter.
Polls indicate that Deval Patrick may become the first Afro-American Governor of Massachusetts. Muslims in Massachusetts who are busy working in his campaign also featured in the headlines in the Worcester Telegram of October 25:
"Muslims drawn to Patrick, Local community also working against Question 1"
"Local Muslims are rallying around Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick and are working to defeat Question 1, the ballot initiative that would allow for an expansion of wine sales in grocery stores, leaders in the Islamic community said.”



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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