AMA Fundraiser for Cynthia Rodriguez Matthews


(L to R): Mohammad Ashrif, Cynthia Matthews and Talat KhanSanchez

The American Muslim Alliance chapters of Claremont and Rancho Cucamonga from Congressional District 26 held a fundraiser for Cynthia Rodriguez Matthews, Congressional candidate, on October 27, 2006. The candidate had been endorsed by the American Muslim Alliance and CAIR.
The event was held at the Alladdin Restaurant in Clairmont, CA. The fundraiser also proved to be a candidate forum and Matthews promised the gathering to support civil rights legislation that would help the Muslims.
There are two AMA chapters in this District: the President of Clairmont Chapter is Dr. Zaher Azzawi and that of the Rancho Cucamonga is Dr. Talat Khan.
Dr. Azzawi stressed the imperative need of the Muslims to go out to vote.
Mr. Mohammed Ashrif from The Riverside Chapter of AMA informed the gathering about the AMA, its objectives and role in the political system.

(L to R): Omar Zaki and Dr. Zaher Azzawi

Dr Talat Khan informed the audience about the role of AMA in facilitating Muslims quest for political positions. She also pointed out that AMA operates on democratic principles. It takes the feedback of Muslims from all its100+ chapters in different states all over the US and releases an Election Poll Advisory which is circulated and is a good guide to Muslims at the time of voting. She also advised Muslims that they stand a good chance to win and get their proposals across if they vote with their full strength.
Cynthia Matthews assured that she was a civil rights supporter and was always there to help repeal the Patrot Act and support minority issues. Cynthia is a Democrat and ran against the incumbent Republican candidate David Drier.
American Muslim Alliance is an organization that works for the empowerment of Muslims in the political arena to teach them to get involved politically and in the voting process and to help Muslims run for political offices.



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