UKAA’s Memorable Eid Milan Party
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Glimpses of the UKAA Eid Milan Party

Lakewood, CA: Like any successful diplomat, Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas is perceptibly suave and blend. But his address at functions and meetings is more than a mere formality, or a lackluster run-of-the-mill diplomatic exercise. He makes well-meaning observations and his off-the-cuff remarks are well received by members of the community.
Addressing the University of Karachi Alumni Association Eid Milan Party on November 17 at the Shahnawaz Restaurant, the Consul General furnished fresh proof of this singular trait: “A rootless person is a stateless person and that is a curse,” said the Consul General as he exhorted the audience to work for the betterment of their country of adoption – the US – and to “pay back” the mother country - Pakistan. He also urged them to steadfastly cling to “fundamental principles” and be conscious of their roots.
Mr. Ibne Abbas advised members of the community to be more “inclusive” by inviting other ethnic groups to community functions and gatherings. “We have nothing to hide,” he said, adding, the Pakistani food, music and culture could have a compelling appeal for all and sundry and precipitate a wholesome change. He also asked various community groups, associations, and individuals to shun petty politics and adversarial relationships and to demonstrate love and respect for one another.
The Consul General complimented the UKAA for organizing the function and providing an opportunity to its members to meet and spend time together. “I salute you for this very important networking,” he remarked. “Bohat acha lag raha hae. Aapnae apni haseen yadoon kae chirag jalae,” the CG said.
The function was attended by a large number of former students of the University of Karachi who have excelled in various fields, both at home and abroad and maintained close contacts with one another. The Association is a vibrant and dynamic organization and its members vividly demonstrate self-confidence, civility, and dash that characterize students of the University of Karachi.
The UKAA also played host to prominent community members who have not studied at the University of Karachi but whose presence at the Eid Milan Party testified to the close bonds that the Association enjoys with Pakistanis from other parts of the country. UKAA generously distributed awards to members of the community in recognition of the award winners’ “notable contribution and volunteer commitment for the University of Karachi, that exemplifies the spirit and purpose of the University of Karachi and Alumni Association.”
The Eid Milan Party turned out to be a memorable evening and the organizers - Raffat Khan (President), Amber Mujtaba (General Secretary), Zafar Hussain, Majeed Akhtar , Syed Asad Ali, Rukhsana Lalani , and ShoaibAhmed – deserve accolades for all their efforts. The program was ably emceed by Majeed Akhtar whose wit and humor had an enlivening influence on the proceedings.


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