APPNA Florida Chapter Meeting
By Fahim Hashmi

The APPNA Florida Chapter Executive Committee (from left to right): Dr. Usmani; Dr. Qazi, President APPNA Florida Chapter; Dr. Chaudhry, President- Elect; Dr. Hashmi-Treasurer; and Dr. Qureshi, Secretary

Orlando, Florida: The Florida Chapter of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) held their annual fall meeting on November 11, 2006 at the Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida.
APPNA members attended a three-hour CME lecture course during the afternoon. The lectures were given by Dr. Hussain Nagamia (Aortic Aneurysms-Follow Up and Treatment), Dr. M.H. Qazi (CTA-State of the Art), and Dr. Wasim Ahmer (Hyperlipidemia-New Therapies). There was a short break for Asr prayers at the end of the CME course.
APPNA Florida Chapter members attended the general body meeting after Asr prayers. President Dr. Qazi, Secretary Dr. Qureshi, and Treasurer Dr. Hashmi presented their respective reports about the activities of the Florida Chapter. Various ideas and strategies aimed at improving the Florida Chapter were discussed between the members and the Executive Committee.
Since this was election year, the draft slate for next year’s Executive Committee was by Dr. Imami, a member of the Board of Trustees. The nominees were as follows: Dr. Ashraf Chaudhry as President, Dr. Riffat Qureshi as President-Elect, Dr. Masood Hashmi as Secretary, and Dr. Aniq Shaikh as Treasurer.
Later in the evening, a family night for members was arranged at the resort. Members socialized and dined on traditional Pakistani food in a casual setting. Singer Aavish was especially invited from Pakistan to entertain the members and their families with lively songs. Dessert and tea were enjoyed by the members after the main dinner. Retailers had set up temporary booths for ladies’ Pakistani clothing.



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