Janice Miller’s Scintillating Performance in Dallas

Janice Miller with President Musharraf, Begum Sehba Musharraf and guests

Dallas: Security was so tight that nothing could pass through without being detected, each and everyone was thoroughly searched and the whole neighborhood was surrounded by vigilant Police Officers. There was a great sense of calm and anticipation. It was a beautiful September 23rd , the eve of the start of Ramadan. The breeze was perfect and inside the audience seemed to be in an expectant mood as if something exciting was about to happen.
There couldn't have been a better host then Dr Hashmi who admitted to visiting Pakistan and watching President Musharraf compliment Janice Miller and play her CD for them. Dr. Hashmi said that President Musharraf is impressed and happy about Janice Miller's first performance in Islamabad the previous year and that is the reason Janice is performing for the President again on a special request from President Musharraf. Janice Miller felt obliged with the honor to welcome a prominent figure in today's world affairs, President Musharraf of Pakistan to her very hometown Dallas, Texas for a special dinner and entertainment. “I felt like a princess as I walked up the stairs of the beautiful mansion with my colleagues Amir (musician) and Denis (tabla player)”. Janice said, “Till this day, it still amazes me that the president could be one of my biggest fans. I am truly blessed to be admired by one of the most important leaders of recent times.”
On World News with Charles Gibson, were the two presidents telling America that "We are in the hunt together." "It seems like they were brothers for a second," says Janice. She feels President Musharraf is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Presidents have the hardest jobs and she expresses her sympathy, especially for President Musharraf's political position. “In The Line of Fire,” his memoir, he sends his message of peace to the American public and “one can only imagine how necessary it is for him and his family to take a break to be entertained thoroughly and I am honored to be the one to do so,” said Janice. Living in President Bush's state and growing up in the country of United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, Ghana, West Africa, Janice said, “I am on a mission to deliver a message of peace with my voice.”

Janice Miller performs

The sound system was set and everything was in place before all the guests arrived. The chief of police and a few big shots of Dallas were present as well. The dinner was held at a gorgeous mansion in Highland Park. The decorations were absolutely breathtaking, done by Tiffany from Florida. It was all so overwhelming; I just can’t remember what was on the menu. Anxiously waiting to sing, everyone gathered in the main room altogether 25 people in a very intimate setting.

The guests were surprised by Janice Miller's performance of Punjabi and Urdu without understanding the language. President Musharraf would try to explain the meaning after each song to the audience. He went into detail to carefully discuss almost every song and exchange questions with Miller across the room expressing his appreciation for her intonation and technique. Janice said, “All the while, I was shocked at what I was witnessing; it was hard to believe that I was the center of attention for most of the evening and when the President and the first lady got up and danced, that was just about all the glory I could take.” Smiling in total disbelief, she sang beautifully captivated by every single moment. Some of the security staff were shocked and couldn't understand how it was possible that an American could sing like that.
This beautiful musical evening ended 4 AM as President Musharraf was to take off early in the morning for the East Coast.


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