Call for Papers on Earthquake Science

The Pakistan American Democratic Forum and International Journal of Pakistan Studies invite scholarly papers on the subject of earthquake science and applied technology/research for targeted use by the earthquake prone areas of Pakistan. These papers will be published – online – in the International Journal of Pakistan Studies and thus made readily available to all relevant, governmental and non-governmental, end-users in Pakistan .

The objective is to provide cutting edge latest research and technology for the reconstruction of the quake-devastated areas of Kashmir and the NWFP. The papers could also cover the knowledge for earthquake preparedness to forewarn other areas at risk, such as Quetta region in Balochistan province and Southern areas of Sind Province including Karachi

The suggested topics for the authorship are:

Broad guidelines for reconstructing housing, infrastructure and commercial buildings in seismically active areas of Pakistan.
Guidelines for rebuilding and building earthquake resistant dwellings in urban areas.
Cost effective guidelines for constructing and reconstructing earthquake resistant mud and stone houses in the rural, underdeveloped areas.
Earthquake preparedness for general public to mitigate damages and loss of life in a significant seismic event.
Science and Technology/Research for earthquake prediction.
Relevant Workshops and Seminars to train personnel for the categories mentioned above.

Given these general topics, it is suggested the body of the text can be organized as follows:

Introductory Overview
Detailed discussion with sufficient subheadings
Guidelines based on the latest research
Concluding commentary
As mentioned above, these papers will be published online in the International Journal of Pakistan Studies special edition focused on earthquake rectification and prevention. A ten-member Editorial Board will review and select papers for publication. PADF would publicize the availability of the special Earthquake Edition in collaboration with like-minded NGO’s including the Geological Survey of Pakistan, Commission on Earthquake Prediction and Hazard Mitigation.

For more information contact:

Prof. Syed Bashir Hussain
(920) 235 – 8244

Mr. Irshad Rana
(510) 579 – 4959



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