Pakistani Americans Demand Judicial Inquiry

Newark, CA: The Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), a national grassroots organization, has expressed its profound “shock and dismay” at Akbar Bugti’s killing by the Pakistan Army. Censuring the Musharraf regime for failing to solve center-province problems by political means, the PADF has called for a suo moto inquiry by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
The PADF statement reads: “Pakistani-Americans are profoundly shocked and dismayed at Akbar Bugti’s killing by the Pakistan army. Gen Musharraf is using the same tactics – aerial bombardments and extra-judicial killings - against Pakistani citizens as imperialist nations use against citizens of other countries.
“The Musharraf regime has failed once more by letting political dispute deteriorate into armed conflict. Now the whole nation will pay for this misadventure because these killings would further weaken the already fragile federation of Pakistan.
“We join Pakistani masses in urging the Supreme Court of Pakistan to conduct an inquiry of these killing at its own initiative. However, any such judicial inquiry must be accompanied by high-level reconsideration of center-province relations aimed at decentralization of power and equitable distribution of national resources including Sui gas.
“We urge all Pakistani political parties to, individually and collectively, initiate mass contact campaign with peoples of Balochistan to bring about negotiations, accommodation, and healing. For the sake of national unity, the people of Punjab must vigorously condemn these killings to dispel the false impression that Akbar Bugti and his associates were killed on Punjab’s behalf or with Punjab’s support.
“We urge all well-meaning Pakistanis and Pakistani-Americans to remain engaged with the pursuit of a long-term solution. Ultimately, Pakistan needs to resolve the interlocked problems of militarism, feudalism, and tribalism in the context of constitutional democracy, provincial autonomy, and just distribution. of national resources.”


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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