Shehzad Roy and His Zindagi Trust

Ras Siddiqi with Shehzad Roy

“Zindagi” is the Urdu word for life. But for the prince of Pakistani pop, Shehzad Roy it has also taken on another meaning. Shehzad begins a fundraising campaign for his Zindagi Trust , here in America , starting on Friday the 8th of September at Mehran Restaurant in Newark , California . He will be accompanied by comedian Umer Sharif, and assisted by Resham along with Anisha Bakshi at this $100 per person dinner event (which starts at 7:30 pm. For tickets please call Annie Akhtar at 650-697-4445 or Shahab Siddiqui at 510-366-9447).
Shehzad is one of Pakistan ’s most well known young faces. His female fan following is incredible these days as this writer recently witnessed first-hand in Sacramento on September 2nd. He has won two of Pakistan ’s high honors for his social work. In the year 2004, he was awarded a Tamgha-e-Imtiaz due to his relentless efforts for underprivileged children’s education with the Zindagi Trust’s ‘I-am-paid-to-learn’ program. And in June 2006, the President of Pakistan, conferred on him the SITAR-E-EISAAR in recognition of the Zindagi Trust’s relief efforts and services in the rehabilitation of the October 8, 2005 Earthquake hit areas. But if you speak to him about these awards you will not find him tooting his horn (as a matter of fact he actually plays the guitar and sings incredibly well).
What is the “I am Paid to Learn” Program? Zindagi reaches out to working children and provides them basic education, supplementing, rather than disturbing the finances of their families. It does this by providing incentive to the working child and his/her parents in the form of cash payments of Rs.20 for each session attended.
Pakistani-Americans are aware of the poverty and illiteracy problem in Pakistan.
Here is another chance for us to help. Whether it is the San Francisco Bay Area (Mehran) on September 8th, Hartford CT on the 15th, Crystal City Virginia on the 16th or Detroit Michigan on September 17th, we hope that you will support Zindagi Trust with your generosity. And when you meet Shehzad in person could you please ask him the question that I could not in Sacramento . Who is he really singing about in his song “Saali?” - Ras H. Siddiqui


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