Are You Looking for Advice, but Don’t Know where to Turn?

Dear Nausheen wants to hear from you. So many of us suffer in silence, looking for answers to life’s personal struggles. Sometimes, we just want an impartial ear that will listen. Other times, we need someone who is willing to knock some sense into a convoluted situation.
Dear Nausheen is an advice column that will address the unique personal, social and cultural perspectives of South Asian Muslims in the United States. Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi is an author, teacher, mom, and mentor. Born in Karachi and raised in New York, Nausheen has lived and worked in a number of states in the US. Her experiences have provided her with a balanced, no-nonsense approach to life that is tethered by her ability to regard the validity of multiple worldviews.
“I don’t see the world in black-and-white, but in glorious hues of pastel.”
If you are at a crossroads or have an issue you would like to discuss, send us your thoughts. We encourage you to use a fictitious name for yourself and anyone else you mention in your letter. Your contact information will not be disclosed. Selected letters will be edited and published in Pakistan Link.
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