Pakistani Students Host Impressive Culture Show

Glimpses of the culture show organized by members of the Pakistan
Student Associations (Pictures courtesy YKKB)

Irvine, CA: The Pakistani Student Associations from USC, UCLA, and UC Irvine presented the community with an elaborate show which highlighted the vibrant aspects of the Pakistani culture. On April 1st 2007, USC’s Bovard Auditorium welcomed about 900 guests; both Pakistani and non-Pakistani, to a fundraising charity show where all proceeds would go directly to Islamic Relief. The show was structured with an elaborate skit with energetic dances intertwined into the storyline.
The three schools had been organizing the event since the beginning of this school year in the hope of raising a significant sum of monetary donations to help the less fortunate community in Pakistan. The production of the show was on such a large scale that it required the involvement of about 100 participants and volunteers from all three schools. The event was made possible through the support of Friends of Pakistan, Your Dil LA, along with media coverage provided by Pakistan Link, Urdu Times LA, PakistanNews LA, Pakistan Post, Pakmusic, Pakstop,
As the title states, the show explored the relationships of Pakistani-Americans. It focused on highlighting the different angles in our society and how Pakistani college students use their heritage to identify themselves in a Western society.
The show was well received and the audience enjoyed the humor. There were moments of high spirited amusement along with pride-filled moments when the entire hall cheered to video clips that highlighted Pakistan achievements in the past and present.
Pakistani Student Association is dedicated to bringing the community together in order to honor the culture and traditions of Pakistan. It thanked everyone who came out to support the show. “Your attendance is an encouraging response to strive to organize more fundraising events in the future!” said a PSA handout.
Speaking on the occasion, FOP President Sarfaraz Khan stated: “…You will readily agree that in the post-9/11 period Pakistani-Americans have felt the pressing need of having a representative and vibrant community organization that could air their views on various social, economic, and political issues impacting their life. Such an organization could consistently work to dispel misperceptions about community members, their faith, and their country of origin. What is more, it could spotlight the multifarious accomplishments of Pakistani-Americans so that they could be accorded recognition as useful members of the American society. The organization could thus serve as a bridge between Pakistani Americans and various ethnic groups and mainstream Americans. Friends of Pakistan has been set up with this explicit purpose in mind. It is the voice of the community. It is the voice of every Pakistani American.
“America is our adopted country and we feel great affection for, and attachment to this land. Ungrudgingly, the US has given us the opportunity to live freely and express our concerns without any reservations. It is our duty to serve this country to the best of our ability. Pakistani-Americans are law-abiding citizens. They are well educated and enterprising and have already proved their worth as true achievers in this multi-ethnic society. In airing our concerns about issues that impact our life we will behave in a dignified and respectable manner at all levels of the American system…”


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