A Memorable Get-together

By Tasnim Sana Khan

Mr. Jawed Akhtar Chaudhry, Mrs. Sultana Mehr, Mr. Zia Khan, Mrs. Tina Zia Khan, Mr. Khalid Khaja, Mrs. Tasnim Sana Khan and others

A gathering of Los Angeles writers and community activists took place last week at a local Chinese restaurant. The event was organized by well-known poet and scientist Zia Khan and his wife Tina Zia Khan in honor of famous Pakistani-British writer Mr Jawed Akhtar Chauhdry and his wife Mrs. Sultana Mehr who is herself a well-known writer. "Sohawa" is a collection of Mr. Jawed’s memoirs.
The local writers and community leaders who were invited and present on the occasion included Mr Abu Bakar Vakeel, Mr Iqbal Ibrahim, Mrs Shahnaz Ibrahim, Mr Zeeshan, Dr Molly, Mrs Rana Khan, Mrs Shahnaz Khan, Mrs Asifa Nishat, Mr Mahmood Zaman, Mr Sameen Faruqui, Mrs Rubina Faruqi, Mrs Tasnim Sana Khan, Mrs Farhat Khawaja, Mr Anwar Khawaja, Mr Asif Syed, Mr Khalid Khawaja, Mrs Rosy Khawaja, Mrs Nighat Ijaz, Mr Ijaz, Mr and Mrs Malik, Mrs Afshan Nasreen, and Mr Sarwar Noshad.
The food was delicious and the event proved to be a memorable one. The kids on the occasion seemed to furnish proof of their interest in literary events. They included: Temoor Khan, Natasha Khan, Maleha Khan, Zoha Khan, Mahera Khan, Umer Khan, and Bilal Khawaja.



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