Virginia Varsity Selects Three Pakistani Students for Design Competition

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts in Qatar (VCUQ) has selected three Pakistani students out of those who participated in the first phase of the Fifth Annual Design Competition 2007.
In the first phase, Anum Baig, a student from Bay View Academy, secured first position and was awarded US$1,400. Asra Abdul Samad, a student from Karachi Grammar School, secured second position and was awarded US$800. The third position went to Foundation Public School student Khadiza Safri, who was awarded US$600. These three students will represent Pakistan in the second phase of the VCUQ’s Fifth Annual Design Competition 2007.
The design competition is held every year in the Middle East with high school students from Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey and now also Pakistan.
‘Designing for a Better Future’ was the theme for the first phase of this year’s competition. The judging process for the competition was conducted at the VCUQ on February 11 where a world-class jury, comprising representatives from the Qatari Ministry of Education, Sasol Chevron and the Arts Faculty of VCUQ, adjudged the winning entries.
“From the 116 participants, three chosen semi-finalists from each country will now move on to the second phase of the competition. The winning two, will move on to the final, with both of them receiving full four-year scholarships for VCUQ,” said Director of Marketing and Public Relation VCUQ, Moamer Qazafi.
At the award-giving ceremony, Qazafi said that Pakistan was the only country in Asia to have its students chosen. Sharing his insights on the quality of entries received from local students in Pakistan, Moamer Qazafi said, “The quality of student work is getting better every year.”



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