Nani Ammi Hajran Bibi
By Sadia Iqbal

On March 22,2007 in Multan,Pakistan a very beloved woman named Hajran Bibi passed away .Her passion in life was to raise her family and love them unconditionally in life and throughout eternity. She is survived by her seven children - Abdul Khalid, Abdul Ghafoor, Faooq Muhammed, Naseem Akhter, Javiad Iqbal, Zafer Iqbal and Khailda Parveen - and eighteen grandchildren as well.
She lies in peace in her goa nine Chuk, Khanewal,Pakistan. She rests in peace beside her husband my grandfather Adbul Ghani.
Our family has been in the Unites States for almost thirty-five years now. My grandmother’s death marks the end of an era that would never be forgotten. I write this obituary note in memory of dadi ami, Hajran Bibi, granny, nani ammi, who walked through Heaven's gate on March 22 ,2007.



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