Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Asian Broadcasting Network
By Shahran Asim


Pictures above: Glimpses of the Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Asian Broadcasting Network. Dr. Mujahid Ghazi is on extreme left in the first picture

Chicago, IL: Asian Broadcasting Network celebrated its 10 years of Urdu Radio Broadcasting by having a fun-filled evening which will be remembered for years to come. The event was held at Monty’s Elegant Banquet Hall in Bensenville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The team has been tirelessly working for months to make the celebration a success story.
The stage was marvelously decorated by the team. The star of the evening was a young blind Pakistani, Aqil Sajjad, a courageous young man, who spoke the 10-year celebration of ABN. His address marked his debut as a keynote speaker. He got a standing ovation from the crowd. He spoke about the freedom of speech and the importance of the ethnic media. He talked about his experience in life especially after losing sight. Aqil commended the work of ABN and urged the audience to help the organization.
The program started after the Maghrib prayers with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Ashhad Ghazi. Nida recited a naat. After the presentation of the welcome address by Radio host Jibran Ikyas, keynote speaker Aqil Sajjad was introduced by Dr. Mujahid Ghazi. Every one in the audience stood up and applauded to honor the young scientist. Aqil Sajjad lost his vision when he was in the bloom of his life. After his sixteenth birthday his life completely changed. Instead of losing hope, he crossed all barriers and attained excellence in education. Now a PhD student in Physics at Harvard, he is very active in human right campaigns on the campus.
A beautiful video presentation by Khurram Habib followed his speech. This video was a testimony to the active community services rendered by ABN. Dr Mujahid Ghazi further highlighted the work of his organization. He commended the work of other community-based organizations and stressed the importance of a networking relationship between media and NGOs.
The audience promptly responded to his call and signed pledges to help run this broadcasting network.
A full course dinner by Sabri was served by Dr. Quadri’s team equipped with wireless headphones. Beautiful custom- made awards were distributed to those people who have made a difference in the Asian American community. Iftikhar Shareef, Dr. Ali Naqi Syed, Aqil Sajjad. Dr Tipu Siddique, Dr Wasiullah Khan Dr Mohammad Hamid, Hassan Bin Abdullah, Razia Fasih Ahmed, Merdad Azumen, Saket Soni, Danial Noorani, Sabahat Ashraf, Ali Hassan Cemendtaur, Rauf tabani, Moin khan Moon, Talat Rasheed, Human Development Foundation and Pakistaniat.com were recipients of the awards.
Young talented members of Asian Broadcasting Network thrilled the audience with their comic presentations. Their “Loose Talk” in a make-shift radio studio was a bummer. Usually it is Zeeshan as Awam who would take the lead in performance but Jibran’s characterization of a local journalist dominated this comedy segment. His lines “CHHap Do Chhap Do’ became the slogan of the evening. A tantalizing brief presentation by Gulshan Ara Syed took this beautiful evening to the end.
Kudos to the young and energetic team led by Dr.Mujahid Ghazi who toiled hard to make the event a remarkable family event which the community had been yearning for quite some time.
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