PANA Calls for Reinstatement of Judges

Chicago, IL: The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA) has called for the immediate reinstatement of the following thirteen individuals, mostly judges, who were either fired for supporting the Chief Justice or had resigned in protest against Gen Musharraf's unconstitutional action.
High Court Judge Justice Jawad S Khawaja; Civil Judges Iram Jehangir, Malik Javed Iqbal, Ashraf Yar Khan, Rajesh Chandra, Sakhi Mustafa, Pir Ali Syed Rashdi, Allah Wachaio, and Ihsam Malik; Additional Sessions and Civil Judge Zulfiqar Ali and Syed Khurshid; Deputy Attorney General Nasir Saeed Sheikh; and Additional Advocate General (Punjab) Qaiser Khalil.
A PANA Press Release says: These are the unacknowledged and unsung heroes of the 2007 pro-democracy movement. The nation owes them a debt of gratitude and the time has come to pay that debt. PANA is in the process of contacting leaders of various Pakistani Supreme and Court bar associations to enlist their support. PANA has already invited some members of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry's legal team to visit the United States.
For more information contact: Raja Yaqub, Media Director, Pakistan American National Alliance (773) 216 – 5464.
The PANA members include the following: Coalition of Pakistani Organizations of Chicago (COPOC), Indus Society (IS), Pakistan American Council of Texapacts (PACT), Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), Pakistani-American Democratic Dialogue (PADD), Pakistan Association of Riverside (PAR) dmh, Pakistan Cultural Association of New Orleans (PCANO), Pakistan League of America (PLA), and Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum (PUFF).


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