Call to Join AANA

By Dr S.Ehtisham

I have been assigned by the Asian American Network Against Abuse (AANA) board the task of coordinating the membership drive and I would appreciate volunteers for spearheading the campaign and for forming chapters.
AANA has an enviable track record. I would not go into details but recently our president Amna Buttar joined the protest rallies against the "dysfunctionalization" of the CJ in Pakistan and was brutally assaulted but she remained steadfast.
We are entering a new and exciting era of transforming AANA into a grassroots mass organization which would collaborate with lik- minded groups and would continue on its independent course to struggle for Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Gender Equality and non-discrimination on any grounds of beliefs, gender, race, class, nationality, language or cultural background.
AANA has attracted a lot of open minded, progressive and humane persons of high integrity.
I would like to invite you to join it and guide it to reach its full potential and achieve its goals. Please get in touch with me by e-mail or call 607 776 3336 at your convenience



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