Saath and UCLA to Conduct Needs Assessment Study on S. Asian Women

Los Angeles, CA: The thought of establishing Saath came about when a few like-minded people working in the community envisioned their collective action making a difference. In the beginning the founding members and volunteers wanted to help cancer patients by offering hope, support, and guidance. Soon it was clear that proper understanding about their needs was essential to offer assistance that makes a difference in the lives of people diagnosed with cancer and their families.
Saath approached nationally renowned researchers at UCLA to lend their expertise in conducting a study to determine how culture affects the cancer experience which could help in the development of a program to meet the needs of those affected by the disease. South Asian Women with Breast Cancer: What Are Their Needs? is funded by the California Department of Health Services, Breast Cancer Research Program and is headed by Dr. Roshan Bastani, Dr. Beth Glenn and Zul Surani of Saath. The purpose of the present study is to conduct a needs assessment by interviewing South Asian women with breast cancer. The data collected during this pilot project will help answer questions such as what are the needs of South Asian women with regard to breast cancer. What are the effective and culturally appropriate means of reaching South Asian women with breast cancer and assisting them at the time of diagnosis through survivorship? How can women avail of the latest in treatment so they can have excellent outcomes and recovery?
Saath will reach four of the largest South Asian groups (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan) in Los Angels to participate in the individual interview. Participants will be recruited through established contacts in the South Asian communities and the interviews will be conducted by trained bilingual interviewers. Saath and UCLA will function as equal partners in conducting the proposed project.
This is the first time a study is being conducted to understand and assess the needs of South Asian women diagnosed with breast cancer. Thus few culturally appropriate services are being offered to this growing population. South Asians are the third largest Asian group in the US and California has the largest population of any state. Previous studies have indicated that one size does not fit all when it comes to ethnic minorities. Given the uniqueness of this population, their needs are distinct and they would benefit from the findings of the study. The study will provide the necessary information to create a program that would address the needs of the South Asian community.
Saath is a non-profit community-based organization dedicated to assisting South Asians with cancer from diagnosis through survivorship. Saath hopes to be more targeted and responsive in offering services. In the long run Saath hopes to not only assist cancer survivors but also bring the latest information to them by being a valuable resource in prevention and early detection of the disease. Saath depends on support from community leaders and organizations.
For more information on Saath, please contact: 1-866-4598474


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