Aslam Azad Donates Expensive Systems to Saba Trust
By Saghir Aslam

Mr. Aslam Azad greets President Musharraf to brief him about ECONOMIA

During his visit to the orphanage building standing next to the Saba Trust head office in Rawalpindi, Mr. Aslam Azad dutifully realized that it was time to offer the Maghrib prayers. The temperature inside the building was appreciably high and excessively discomforting that evening. The self-made billionaire who has made a name for his philanthropic undertakings wasted no time in agreeing to donate three heating and cooling systems (the first and largest donation in Pakistan) to ensure that visitors to the Saba Trust orphanage pray in comfort. His exemplary generosity is sure to be blessed with Sadqai Jaria, a charity that keeps on receiving reward from God.
We would like to share with you how Mr. Aslam Azad developed one of the latest energy-saving systems. We call him a dynamic, progressive, passionate and active entrepreneur A business tycoon who has made his mark in designing and developing innovative technology to successfully compete with foreign manufacturers. We were extremely impressed by his progress attained in such a short span of time. We call him the ‘heating and cooling man in Pakistan’.
He has truly developed a unique system, yet despite his successes he has neither become conceited nor haughty. He continues to be a simple and sweetly disposed person. A man who cared and donated his three latest central heating and cooling systems so that that the entire 20,000 square feet building could provide the soothing comfort of modern living.
Born in 1958, Mr. M. Aslam Azad received his early education at his birthplace, Sheikhupura. He then proceeded to Lahore for higher technical education. There, he got a diploma in HVAC and practiced this trade to excel in the profession. He is a qualified engineer with the aptitude, passion, desire, expertise and skill to design and develop new and innovative technology. He is never satisfied with his achievements and is eager to excel and improve. He never lets go of any opportunity, rather he zealously grasps opportunities. Despite a long string of achievements, he continues to work with utmost zest to achieve more and do better.
He is an active member of Pakistan HVACR Society which has been highly active at various levels. He is also a member of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.) and Board Governor ASHRAE Northern Pakistan Chapter. He hardly misses any technical or industrial exhibition held in any part of the world. Not surprising, he has developed strong links with manufacturers, engineers and entrepreneurs worldwide. He takes pains to keep abreast of latest technological developments and market strategies.
Mr. Aslam Azad is a pioneer in introducing and locally manufacturing Central Heating Systems in Pakistan. He is actively engaged in the manufacture of air-conditioning and heating units of international standards under the brand name “ECONOMIA”. He is giving a tough competition to foreign products and thus saving precious foreign exchange. His business has helped in fighting unemployment by offering jobs to skilled and semi-skilled labor. “ECONOMIA” has been able to introduce economical equipment due to its reduced running cost.
The manufacturing/designing capability can overcome any challenge to meet the client’s requirements on a tailor-made basis as nothing is available off-shelf. ECONOMIA’s biggest project, worth over 700 million rupees, was undertaken at the Air Headquarters Islamabad. Now the main focus is on apartment buildings. Work is being done on 200 to 3000 apartments in each location to meet requirements of maintaining the symmetry of building and offering low initial cost with less than 40% running cost compared to any available equipment in market.
In 2006 “ECONOMIA” took the challenge of designing clean room air handling units for hospitals and pharmaceutical industries. Within 18 months, 30 pharmaceutical industries got air-handling units, while over 250 were at various stages of design, manufacturing and installation.
ECONOMIA is on the march and blissfully its progress has a welcome aspect – the philanthropic streak of its owner - vividly demonstrated by the donation of three heating and cooling systems to the Saba Trust Orphanage.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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