Credit Card Fraud King Exposed in US

Washington, DC: A Pakistani-American is in big trouble with the law after his son informed the police that his father carried credit cards that did not bear his name. Saarum Sodagar, 22, of Chicago went to the police after his father, Afzal Sodagar, threatened to kill him following an argument. He said later, “I wanted (police) to catch him red-handed.” Police noticed several thick envelopes stuffed with $100 bills, as well as many credit cards in a briefcase during a search of his home. They returned with a warrant and confiscated “a room full of evidence”. Sodagar did not work and had been abusive to his family in the past, his son said. He has portrayed himself as CEO of Eye-TV and as a contact for two prominent Chicago Muslim groups. Officials at the Muslim Community Center told the Chicago Tribune that Sodagar was a volunteer but had no corporate responsibilities.


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