Community Enjoys Karachi Club’s Haleem Party
By Wasim Zaidi


Guests at the Haleem Party hosted by the Karachi Club in Garden Grove

Sunday 28 January, 2007 saw the Los Angeles-based Karachi Club hosting its annual Haleem Party in keeping with its tradition of paying homage to the martyrdom of Shaheed-e-Karbala Hazrat Imam Hussein and his family in the holy month of Muharram. The Garden Grove Park, a familiar place which serves as the venue of the party, once again was abuzz as community members turned up in large numbers to be a part of the auspicious proceedings. According to one estimate, there were well over 2,300 Angelinos who had showed up to support the event that has become a regular feature of MQM Los Angeles’ multifarious activities in the LA area.
It was for the ninth consecutive year that the Haleem Party was successfully organized by the Karachi Club.
Kamal Zafar, member MQM USA Central Org Committee; Samin Faruqi, In-charge Karachi Club, and the committed and energetic team of Ikram Shah and Masood Khan extended a warm welcome to the guests. Wasim Zaidi, unit in-charge and his team, served haleem to the guests with due propriety. The LA unit comprising Asif Farooqui, Abdul Lateef, Ishtiaq Hasan, Mohammed Khalid, Syed Ahsan, Mrs Rubina Faruqi, and Kamran Khan was duly lauded and deservedly so. They had put up a most impressive show.
Several prominent community members and high-ranking officials graced the occasion, including the newly appointed Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas who freely mixes with the crowd and is liked by one and all. He was visibly happy to see such a large turnout of community members to attend the party. The Consul General was all praise for the Karachi Club’s efforts in organizing the Haleem Party during the month of Muharram. Also present in the gathering was Adnan Naqvi, a former incharge of the LA unit who is also an ex-member of the Central Organizing Committee of MQMUSA.
Karachi Club, a twin organization of the LA unit, has organized several functions over the years but the Haleem Party in the month of Muharram is the most popular event that is eagerly awaited throughout the year. The delicious dish is served in the best Pakistani traditions to the delight of the community members.
Who is Hazrat Imam Hussein? One for whom the whole world mourns. Old, young, men, women, rich and poor, without any discrimination of race, color or gender. All gather on one platform and mourn for Hazrat Imam Hussein. Who is this Hussein (a.s.)?
Jiss key ragon mein aatish-e-badr o honain hai
Us surman ka ism-e-girami Hussein hai.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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