Immigration, Citizenship Fee Could Increase

Phoenix: The United States is considering to increase the citizenship and residency application fees, officials said on Wednesday.
The proposed free increases would see the price of citizenship applications rise to US $595, up from $320. Similarly, permanent residency applications would rise to $905, up from $330. If approved, the rates would be valid for a two-year period commencing in October.
The proposals, which are still subject to a review process, represent part of a drive by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to overhaul its strained processing system, which leaves many legal immigrants waiting months or even years for a green card or naturalization status.
But pro-immigration lobbyists were quick to criticize the plan. “With the level of service with no signs of improvement, the announcement of yet another round of fee increases... is dispiriting,” said Douglas Rivlin, spokesman for the National Immigration Forum.


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