Pakistani-American Aspires to Keep the US Homeland Safe
By Ras H. Siddiqui

Pakistani-American Fremont resident Zafar Khan Yousufzai has been selected for the EHLS scholarship 2007 program which is funded by the National Security Education Program and administered by the Center for Applied Linguistics. Zafar will study at the University of Washington and upon completion of the program will aspire to work in the United States Department of Defense, Homeland Security, State Department or other related segments of the government.
Zafar has had previous experience in banking, hi-tech distribution, marketing, and retail management since he immigrated to the United States . He earned his Master’s Degree in Political Science/International Relations from the University of Karachi and an MBA from Lincoln University San Francisco. Besides English and Urdu, Zafar also retains a surprising familiarity with Persian.
Zafar Khan is proud of his Muslim-Pakistani heritage. His wife Naeema is a school teacher and his daughters Sarwat and Eqra attend local schools in the Fremont area.
He is well known within our Northern California community for hosting two Radio programs namely SUBRUNG and WATAN KI AWAAZ for listeners in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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