LA Consulate General Organizes Kashmir
Solidarity Day

A Pakistan Link Report

Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas with prominent community members at the Shahnawaz
Restaurant on February 17, 2007

Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles Consulate General organized a Kashmir Solidarity Day at the Shahnawaz Restaurant in Lakewood on Saturday, 17 February to sensitize the Pakistani-Americans about the all-important issue.
Addressing a select gathering of prominent community members, Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas explained the raison de’tre of Pakistan’s current strivings to resolve the Kashmir dispute – to lessen the hardships of the Kashmiris and to lower the incidence of human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. “Hamari bunyadi kosish yeh hae kae Kashmirion ka comfort level ouncha karsakaen,” he told the gathering.
The Consul General also elaborated on President Musharraf’s four-point formula to resolve the Kashmir dispute which has plagued Indo-Pak relations since the two countries made their debut as sovereign, independent states on the world stage.
India and Pakistan have adopted two polarized positions in the past and today it has become absolutely imperative to engage in a dialogue to arrive at a settlement which is acceptable to all the three parties – Pakistan, India and Kashmiris. The Consul General explained that while India was reluctant to bring the Kashmiris to the negotiating table, Pakistan was overly keen that they should be a part of the ongoing dialogue and have a say in the parleys.
His address was followed by a lively question and answer session.


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