Spatial Identity
Artist: Natasha Shoro
By Fatima S. Khan

Paintings by Natasha Shoro

As more and more immigrants immerse themselves in the western landscape, the beautiful melding of cultures is bound to be visible, in almost every fold of life. The evolution of American style in the coming years with blending of diverse cultures will be far more significant than ever before.
First generation Easterners endowed with their rich cultural heritage will spill their memories, experiences, and even inventions, like precious gems into the vast western landscape of the United States. The unburdening of treasures in form of writing, painting, sculpture, costumes, inventions medical and scientific, graphic design and even politics thus bringing a significant evolution in an American style, for time is yet to reveal the positive contributions of the first generation Pakistanis in the United States.
Natasha Shoro surely capsulate the rich cultural heritage of her ancestors from Pakistan and generously splurges her canvas with the sumptuous memories of the past into a vast aerial landscape of Southern California views as anyone of us may have seen peering from the airplane windows.
She has translates her childhood memories of lavish weddings and celebrations, weaving the Southern California with precious gems, the endless freeways are an interesting web of design made of strings of rubies and pearls loses itself in the crevices of hills and mountains.
An amazing union of art and industry with an eye of the basics and the complexities of design abstraction, she has achieved harmonious proportions. Her style is naturally persuasive aiming for harmony, clarity and modernism. She most definitely achieves the refinement and sophistication every step of the way rather than juxtaposing and convoluting.
Her work resembles that of Jackson Pollock he was an abstract expressionist and an influential American painter born in 1912. Mexican Muralists influenced his early representational works, and he used rural American subject matter.
Natasha meticulously uses several forms of mixed media, to portray the highs and lows of the Southern California landscape, than she overlaps them with fine threads of gold. She uses the mixed media, applying paints and acrylics to attain a certain texture, each technique takes several months to perfect, using variation of shades of the same color in white and beige, gold and silver she has brilliantly achieved her goals.
It is in the surface treatments, textured and dented rather than statically detailed, using the abstract design qualities rather than obscuring with purely ornamental. Her textures speak out for themselves, mountains, hills, foliage, automobiles, freeway grids, clouds and water, each element brilliantly translates into rich textiles of gold lam`e, embellishments and endless chains of precious stones.
There is the participation of the sky and earth, the feminine elegance of gold filigree and the luster of gems are a new conception giving a rhythmic style and an intoxicating freedom, which is highly original. She allows luxury to have no other purpose but simplicity, which she portrays remarkably in her skillful techniques that have evolved over time. Almost lyrical the childhood memories taking shape of an aerial Southern California view one clear night, like sparkling jewels and precious gems to be gathered in one breath.
Gold has always been a most valued metal; in the Eastern part of the world, used widely in dowries as a form of safety net however, in the West most commonly in California, known as the Golden State, explorers have ventured here in search of Gold mines. Natasha has covered her landscape with threads of fine gold which is more like a palm leaf, once again a plant that is found in the Eastern regions as well as in the warmer climate of Southern California. In her artwork, she is desperately finding the commonalities and the familiarities between the place of her ancestors and the place where she resides with her husband and three children.
She is giving her Inner Child a voice by ingeniously weaving the richness of Eastern memories over the vast Southern California Landscape, the gold lam`e the opulence of the fabrics and jewels seen in childhood, the luxurious textures, intricately woven are fragments of life’s images.
Art is center stage in her life ------she communicates through art, her strokes have a movement, you feel a sense of constant change, looking for something meaningful in the senseless stretch of land, and she is breaking barriers formulating a style by reaching deep into her roots. Her style is fluid some of the work depicts ring like waves more beautiful than necklaces. Some colors are radiant others are subdued, there is clarity of reason, sense of spare and minimal as well.
The adornment is harmonious, thirsting for an authentic sense of style. The work is two-dimensional rather than filled with perspectives, highlights and shadows.
It is abstract and linear much like her Eastern roots a far distance from the figurative and the painterly works. They are cool, direct, and plain spoken as it appeals to the senses.
Natasha has a vast teaching experience, she presently teaches at the Orange County Performing Arts Center-Visual Artist for “Arts Teach”- Artist in Residence K-12.
She has also been a faculty member at various Southern California Universities, also an Instructor at the Irvine Fine Arts Center. Her artwork was exhibited since 1990 throughout the world at renowned galleries. In January 2006, she had an exhibition at the Chawkandi Art Gallery in Karachi Pakistan. She has participated in several community services including the Pacific Asia Museum and the Laguna Art Center.
At the Newport Beach Central Library, eight of her works are on display called
“Spatial Identity” through February 28, 2007 sponsored by
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