COPAA Distributes Funds

Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles-based Council Of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA) has announced the distribution of earthquake-collected funds to three major organizations.
A COPAA press release states: Proposals for the distribution of collected funds were submitted and analyzed by a Board committee formed specifically for this purpose in Los Angeles.
These funds had been collected over the year in various COPAA related activities and from a diversity of caring, well wishing people, both locally and nationally.
The Committee members were representative COPAA board members that had versatile backgrounds in finance and charitable giving. There was much time and thought given in the analysis and the detailed study of the grant proposals which came together from an array of sectors including health care and housing.
COPAA president Dr. Farhat Zubair and the formed committee made it clear that subjective criteria were used for the selection of the finalists.
After much thought, three major organizations, (on the USA government approved list), were chosen to receive these funds.
They comprise in order International Medical Corps, Relief International and Islamic Relief-USA.
COPAA would sincerely like to thank the many organizations that took much valued time and effort to participate in providing their proposals, and is content with the disbursement of funds to the selected organizations, that met the subject criteria.
In an effort to help the many rebuild there shattered lives, COPAA hopes that the miniscule role that they played would be accepted by the givers and the receivers.
With the sun setting on 2006 and the dawn of 2007 COPAA President Dr. Farhat Zubair and Board directors wish all its members a happy Eid-ul-Adha and New Year, and look forward to continued support.
Council of Pakistan American Affair's (COPAA) Mission:
• To assist public officials and policy makers in the United States in understanding issues of vital interests related to Pakistan, with the aim of bringing about a positive change in policies and attitudes towards Pakistan.
• To participate in the US political process through an organized community effort.
• To promote and encourage business, trade and investment locally and internationally.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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