APPNA Plans Center for Quake Victims

Peshawar: Dr Abdul Rashid Paracha, President of the Association of Pakistan Physicians of North America (APPNA), has stated that his association is planning to set up a rehabilitation center in Mansehra.
The center will be set up for those who suffered permanent disabilities in the aftermath of the Oct 8, 2005 earthquake.
Talking to a group of civil society members at the University of Peshawar on Tuesday, Dr Paracha said that the proposed center would be the second rehabilitation facility of APPNA in the country; the first was almost ready to be inaugurated in Rawalpindi.
Limbs would be manufactured and provided to disabled people free of charge, he added.
APPNA, which is the largest representative body of Pakistani physicians with 10,000 members and branches all over North America, is actively engaged in development activities in Pakistan, either by direct involvement or through raising funds.
During the discussion session which was organized by the US consulate, Dr Paracha said that he had made four trips to Pakistan as APPNA’s president to launch earthquake relief efforts. APPNA’s projects included two rehabilitation hospitals, two schools, one basic health unit and a school for orphans from the earthquake affected areas.
The APPNA President said that he had also supervised the delivery of tents, blankets, medical supplies and equipment worth $4 million.
He said that APPNA’s Sehat progra was dedicated to the improvement of basic health care in all areas of Pakistan, including Mardan, Jacobabad, Badin, Sahiwal and Balochistan.


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