GiveLight Foundation Partners with Saba Trust/IEWS in Building Orphanage in Pakistan
By Mehnaz Afridi

Construction work in progress

Saba Trust and IEWS are pleased to announce that they have garnered a new partnership with the GiveLight Foundation which is a non-profit humanitarian relief organization, established in Sunnyvale, CA in January 2005.
GiveLight strives to become a world recognized crisis relief organization that seeks to create durable orphanages in response to natural disasters. Like Saba Trust, GiveLight seeks to establish a well-run, well-funded orphanage for children of disaster. In December 2005, they completed an orphanage in Aceh, Indonesia for 50 children orphaned by the tsunami.
The mutual goals of these two non-profit organizations are to provide life’s basic necessities, including food, clothing, shelter and education which have resulted in a great partnership. GiveLight began construction after obtaining local permits and securing initial start-up costs of $50,000. The construction took seven months to finish and as of November of 2005, GiveLight is sponsoring 200 orphans through out Aceh and 50 orphans in Pakistan.
The GiveLight foundation has partnered with Saba Trust which has been working diligently to complete the construction of an orphanage after the earthquake disaster in Pakistan. The shared vision and goals of the two organizations are a blessing to both! Saba Trust’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged and destitute people, both in Pakistan and in the USA, and in other places around the world. Natural disasters seem to be a recurring feature of life, necessitating timely and compassionate response to alleviate suffering. On a more daily basis, many people in developing countries live under dire economic and social circumstances, and hunger for opportunities to uplift themselves.
In Pakistan, Saba Trust has been developing and supporting several types of programs for the last 40 years to address the humanitarian, educational, healthcare, and economic needs of the masses. In some cases, Saba Trust’s staff members implement these programs directly, while in others the Saba Trust supports the efforts of other like-minded organizations and facilitates interaction between groups in order to maximize resources and outcomes. The recent orphanage plan is not just an orphanage but a home for the orphaned children. The following amenities and goals are being met with the help of partners like GiveLight, and Project Pakistan/Kashmir.
The latest method of heating and cooling, clean running water pipe systems, intercom speaker system in each room, an Educational System of Imam Faitullah from Turkey whose educational system has proven to change the history of their country. And much more, including the best health care as they work hand in hand with Railway Hospital, Dental College, and Shifa International Hospital which is comparable to American hospitals. The children will have full support in terms of mentorship, recreational facilities, and educational resources. The target date completion of the orphanage project will be before the end of 2007.
GiveLight Foundation and Saba Trust are diligently working together to garner international cooperation and build bridges to help humanity in disaster and upheavals.
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