PANA Elects New Board, Executive Director
By Muhammad Salim Akhtar

Chicago, IL: The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of ten grassroots Pakistani American organizations, has elected a new board and a new executive director for a term of two years.
Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor has been elected the new executive director. Additionally, each director has been given a portfolio. These include: Raja Yaqub – Media, Sajjad Burki – Membership, and Syed Basharat Ali – Community Outreach. Additional portfolios including Finance and Resource Development, Research and Strategy Development, Events and Conventions, and Organizational and Administrative Affairs will be assigned in the coming weeks.
PANA founder Dr. Agha Saeed who was unanimously asked by the new board to continue helping PANA as an advisor, congratulated the new board of directors. “PANA is the largest coalition of Pakistani groups working for restoration of democracy in Pakistan without seeking intervention by any foreign country. It is vitally important that it maintains its own democratic character.” He also thanked the outgoing Executive Director Saleem Akhtar for “his selfless devotion AND community service”
PANA plans to hold a number of pro-democracy rallies and meeting in August.
For more information about PANA or to obtain its “ Pakistan : Democracy Now” buttons contact Dr. Toor at 815 – 353 – 5039.


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