DesiHits Hosts 20/20 Mix Challenge

DesiHits is currently hosting the premier international Mixtape competition between Desi DJs from North America and the UK dubbed the 20/20 Mix Challenge. Mixes represent the fusion of culture that the Generation Y South Asian audience knows all too well; the music has one foot in the west and one foot in the motherland.
“Each week, we choose two of the finest South Asian mixers, both of whom must fit 20 tracks into 20 minutes of mixing time. DJs can mash together Hip Hop, Desi Urban, Bhangra, Bollywood, R&B, Pop, and whatever else they have a taste for at that moment to create the hottest mixtape for battle,” says a message. It adds:
“Each Monday, the battle kicks off and listeners check out both mixes then vote for their favorite DJ/mix. DJs advance rounds towards the finals for the chance to win the much-coveted Rane Serato Scratch Live DJ Package. Thousands of voters from all over the world tune in and vote for who they think should come out on top. As an incentive, DesiHits offers the first 100 voters different prizes each week ranging from exclusive artist singles to personalized artist shout outs.
“The 20/20 Mix Challenge is aired every Monday through Wednesday at for our listeners to hear, decide and vote online. Critiquing the mixes will be celebrity DJ judges Jay Gatzby (formerly of Bad Boy Entertainment) and DJ Hanif (MTV Base UK ).”
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