With profound sadness we have to inform that Mrs. Maqbool Salamat passed away in Lahore on July 8th, 2007. (Inna lillahe wa inna alaihay raajayoon.). She was the beloved wife of Salamat Ali Chaudhry and mother of Imran, Rizwan and Adnan Chaudhry. S he closed her eyes waiting with despair and forlorn hope for her son, Ahmad Adnan, to return back to her. Adnan, who came from Pakistan with ambitions to get his MBA degree and return back to his parents, has been sentenced to prison for a crime he claims he did not commit.
Ever since this incident, the family including Adnan’s father, a retired judge and his late mother, a retired professor of History in Lahore, has been going through immense turmoil. The entire family has made many sacrifices and been going through a huge ordeal during the last 7-8 years, with very little hope of good news in the near future. The family has been devastated, with the parents bearing an unmanageable load, emotionally and financially.
It is at times like this that we need to stand up and provide support to the bereaved family. The least we can do is to write letters of sympathy and condolences to Adnan and Imran Chaudhry, whose addresses are given below:
Ahmad A Chaudhry
T 22336, D 11-118 Up
P.O.Box 2349
Chuckwalla Valley State Prison
Blythe, CA 92226
Email Dr. Imran Chaudhry
Tel: 562-805-7090
Please do write to them. Your letters and calls would be a source of great moral support. Finally, her family asks that you pray for her and for her husband who is devastated by her death and now no longer has her companionship to share the ordeal of their son. . May Allah bless her with everlasting peace that she sorely missed in the past few years.
If you need further information on this case, please call Dr. Imran Chaudhry at 562-805-7090 or Shams Hasan at 909-792-1282.


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