Third Pak-o-Hind Yakhtajee Mushaira

The Third Pak-o-Hind Yakhtajee Mushaira is being held in a number of cities across the US under the aegis of Gahwara-e-Adab from July 6–August 11.
Leading poets from Pakistan and India are participating in the Mushaira. They include Waseem Brelvi, Mairaj Faizabadi, Rafi uddin Raz,and Mansoor Usmani.
The Mushaira allows people from Pakistan and India to come together around the language spoken and understood by hundreds of millions around the world.
In Los Angeles, the Mushaira will be held on July 21 at the Woodland Banquet Hall, 11845 Artesia Blvd, CA 90701 (Tele: 951 830 7488).



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