Third Annual Walk Against Violence in Chicago

The Third Annual Walk Against Violence is being organized by ZAM’s Hope to raise awareness about violence in our community on Sunday, July 29, at 3 pm. “We will gather at our center, located at 6401 N. Artesian Avenue, and will march along Devon Avenue. Our past two Walk Against Violence events have been successful, attracting the attention of shoppers, pedestrians, and drivers, as well as the local news media. Each year, officers from the Chicago Police Department, 24th District lead the march,” says a message received from Zehra Quadri, President, ZAM’s Hope Community Resource Center.
The message adds: “The Walk is a youth-created program. A few years ago, several victims of violence within our neighborhood asked ZAM's Hope for help. Our youth decided to take a stand against violence by organizing this Walk. Violent crime remains a problem in our community, and our youth continue to raise awareness of the issue. They enjoy making banners and posters and recruiting walkers.
“Please march in our Walk and bring your friends, family, and co-workers. You can hold your office’s banner as you march and show your commitment to a peaceful society…
Feel free to contact me at 773-719-9267 if you have any questions.”



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