A Moment of Joy and Celebration
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Ehab S. Sharif

“Finally, the moment of joy and celebration is here,” said a jubilant Mr. Abubakr Vakil, prominent community activist and leading entrepreneur, at a reception he jointly hosted with his wife at the Knotts Berry Farm Resort Hotel on Saturday July 21st to celebrate Hifzul Qur’an by his grandson, Ehab S. Sharif.
Ehab is twelve-and-a-half years old and has memorized the Holy Qur’an in just two-and-a-half years! Dressed in a sherwani and pajama he was a picture of elegance on the eventful day, and deservedly so - memorizing the Holy Qur’an at such an early age is no mean achievement. Seated on the stage with becoming propriety, the Abubakr Vakil family youngsters furnished proof of good upbringing and impeccable manners at the soul-lifting ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ahmad Sakr, well-known religious scholar, stressed the importance of the memorization of the Holy Qur’an. “Nowhere has anyone memorized any book, except the Qur’an,” he remarked as he referred to the practice of hifz or memorization among Muslims.

Abubakr Vakil

Hifz is the ultimate of miracles. Ahab’s memorization is no less than a miracle, especially as he is a non-Arab and so young, Dr Sakr commented. “Credit (for Ehab’s memorization) goes first to Abubakr Vakil and then to the family of the boy,” Dr Sakr observed.

He was all praise for the devotion and assiduity of non-Arabs in memorizing the Qur’an. “Non-Arabs memorize the Qur’an more than the Arabs,” and have introduced the tradition of holding Bismillah, Ameen, Qur’an Khawani and Ayatul Kareema functions in the Ummah.

Dr Sakr advised the gathering to read the Qur’an. “If you want to talk to Allah and want Him to talk to you, read the Qur’an,” he exhorted the prominent community members present on the occasion. He also reminded the audience of a hadith of the Prophet: The best among you is the one who reads the Qur’an and then teaches it.
Pakistan Link extends its heartiest felicitations to M. Abubakr Vakil and his family on Ehab’s success in memorizing the Qur’an.

The young hafiz is all smiles as he stands with his grandfather, mother and relatives
Ehab’s brother, sister and cousins



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