Sweatshirts Feature Ansar Burney's Human Rights Work

Los Angeles: LoRuda, a California-based company, has launched an awareness campaign against human trafficking and anti-slavery by producing sweatshirts with a picture of Pakistan's most renowned human rights activist, Mr Ansar Burney, imprinted on them. (www.loruda.com)
Available in three different colors the women and men's wearing sweatshirts showing images of anti-human trafficking and anti-slavery focus on Burney's important work and spotlight his efforts to save underage children (child camel jockeys) from slavery and young girls from prostitution against in the Middle Eastern countries.
Truthseeker Tales is screened on the inside of the sweatshirts. For the first edition, LoRuda teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Nora Shields to present Ansar Burney's historical human rights work. It is a real life story that continues to resonate deeply and helps bring true meaning to the word "Truthseeker."
LoRuda Company said that the children are abducted and sold on the black market to camel-racing owners in the Middle Eastern countries. These innocent children are starved, physically and sexually assaulted, and many times die. Our real life protagonist, Ansar Burney, sneaks into areas where children are forced to live and brings them back. Running with the young boys under both arms, Mr Burney frees them from private prisons.
LoRuda has announced that with the campaign of awareness 1% of all sales in 2007 would go to the Ansar Burney Trust International.


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