Friends of Pakistan on Immigration Laws

Los Angeles, CA: A Press Release issued by the Friends of Pakistan states: The Friends of Pakistan is taking a pragmatic view on a divisive issue, a large majority of Pakistani Americans want to change the immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status and to create a new guest worker program to meet future labor demands.
At the same time, Americans have mixed feelings about whether the recent wave of immigration has been beneficial to the country, and they are sharply divided over how open the United States should be to future immigrants.
Point by point, large majorities expressed support for measures in the legislation that has been under debate since Monday in the Senate.
The bill, which is backed by President Bush and a bipartisan group of senators, would allow illegal immigrants who were in the United States before Jan. 1 of this year to obtain legal status by paying fines and passing background checks.
Two-thirds of those polled said illegal immigrants who had a good employment history and no criminal record should gain legal status as the bill proposes, which is by paying at least $5,000 in fines and fees and receiving a renewable four-year visa.
We know there will be opposition, so we’re working to build support for the bill now. Call or send an immediate message by e-mail to your senators today stating that as a Friends of Pakistan organization member, we urge you to support comprehensive and humane immigration reform by voting for the immigration reform legislation sponsored by Sens. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) that was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee and to oppose enforcement-only bills like Sen. Frist’s S.2454.
It may be mentioned that in the absence of a vibrant organization at the grassroots level, the average Pakistani-Americans often found themselves helplessly perched. They could not air their views on subjects that directly impacted their lives or overcome vexing problems.
Friends of Pakistan seeks to timely fill up this disconcerting void. It seeks to serve as the voice of the community. Besides, Friends of Pakistan would act as a bridge between Pakistanis and various groups, cement closer ethnic ties, strengthen interfaith bonds, and make Pakistanis useful members of the American society.
Friends of Pakistan is not affiliated with any government or political party. It operates as a non-profit organization and aims to provide a platform to Pakistani Americans at the grassroots level to strengthen Pakistan-US ties and serve as a bridge between Pakistani-Americans & community at large.
* Promote goodwill, understanding and Friendship among Pakistani-Americans and community at large;
* Organize national, cultural and social events to promote art, music, literature and other cultural aspects of Pakistani life;
* Educate the community on political, social and economic issues and raise awareness of their rights and responsibilities;
• Organize trade shows, food festivals and traditional shows and create a network to locate business opportunities for community members.



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